I learned and studied Latin language 25 years or more ago myself. Not fluent. These days but I still use the language in some texts while doing my job. And now I want to coin a term, “familia miziana”. What do I mean by “miziana”? In korean, “mizi (未知, 미지)” meant just “the unknown.” About 30 years ago I extended the meaning of “mizi” up to “the unknown world or field of existing in reality or unreality”, so terra incognita or terra nova. I learned the word “terra incognita” from Washington Irving’s “Sketchbook”. In doing so, “mizi” becomes to have two meaning: (1) the unknown; (2) the unknown, new, or extraterrestrial world or field. Then here comes “mizian”: (1) adj. unknown, unknowable, incomprehensible, or extraterrestrial, (2): n. person who came from “mizi”, the unknown or extraterrestrial or new world. “miziana” is feminine form of “mizian.” Now can you guess the phrase “familia miziana”? Yes, correct. The mizian family. They may be aliens or people from the Heaven!!!