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 Philosophy of Nonviolence

by David McReynolds
from Nonviolence Web

Part One: "In trying to understand the philosophy of nonviolence, it is important to keep in mind there is no living, vital philosphy which does not have "holes" in it... Nonviolence is many things, but if it is not a search for truth - a search that is never ended - it will fail."

Part Two: "Gandhian philosophy assumes that the 'reality' we see is transitory, that change and struggle is the rule, not the exception... In thinking of Gandhi we should understand the role of the Bhagavad-Gita (meaning "Song of God") in his life and thinking"

Part Three: "One of the issues that keeps surfacing is how to deal with the issue of police brutality. We can make the same mistake here that a handful of middle class "leftists" made at the start of the Vietnam War when they targeted our own troops as the enemy, or we can learn from history."

Part Four: "We will never know if nonviolence would have worked against Hitler... but within Occupied Europe there were well documented victories for nonviolence."

Part Five: "Nonviolence doesn't work because it appeals to the 'best in the enemy,...' but also because our tactics absorb the pain and suffering even as we create social disorder so great that something must yield."

Part Six: "If we remember that we must try to be honest, and act with courage, we won't do things in the dark which we wouldn't do by day. We won't do things we aren't willing to be caught doing. Again, there are paradoxes - does this mean that there are times when we might not act in secret?.. Yes, and I've tried to stress that there are always contradictions."

Part Seven: "One of the things which the American pacifist movement has not inherited from Gandhi - and needs to! - was Gandhi's conviction that the main work of his movement was not the nonviolent resistance campaigns, but his "Constructive Program". In our country - and generally in the West - there has developed an unhappy split between nonviolent resistance, and a positive program."

David McReynolds works with the War Resisters League.
He writes: "There is not a single original idea in this material. Some of the ideas may be new to you, or may be arranged in ways that seem novel. They lack the power to kill, but contain the power to change. Read with caution. They have not been approved by any government authority. You are free to reprint, giving the source."

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