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  1. The Infancy Gospel of Thomas [Greek Text A]
  2. The Infancy Gospel of Thomas [Greek Text B]
  3. The Infancy Gospel of Thomas [Latin Text]
  4. A 5th Century Compilation of the Thomas Texts
  5. An Arabic Infancy Gospel
  6. The Gospel of James
  7. The Gospel of the Nativity of Mary
  8. The Gospel of Mary [Magdalene]
  9. The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew
  10. The Gospel of Nicodemus [Acts of Pilate]
  11. The Gospel of Bartholomew
  12. The Gospel of Peter
  13. The Gospel of Thomas
  14. The Gospel of Philip
  15. The Gospel of the Lord [by Marcion]
  16. The Secret Gospel of Mark

  17. GOSPELS.ZIP -- Contains most of these documents. 


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